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Clean Streak is owned and operated by Chris and Stephanie Bunn, residents of Dunedin, Florida. We are committed to EARNING your business, by providing a world-class experience and service beyond expectations. From the very first contact, to the service appointment, and even the after-service follow up, you're sure to appreciate our dedication to our clients.

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Are you ready to become the envy of your neighborhood? Clean Streak makes it easy with our full line of Pressure Cleaning & Soft Washing services. We use professional grade cleaners and van-mounted equipment, not available from big box stores, to safely and effectively restore a like new appearance to the exterior of your home.


• Driveway, Front Entry & Sidewalks

     (Designed for HOA Compliance)

• Fence Cleaning

     (Vinyl / Wood)

• House Wash

     (Includes Downspout, Gutter, Soffit Whitening)

• Pool Cage and/or Pool Deck Cleaning

• Retaining Wall / Landscape Stone Cleaning

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Let the light shine in and enjoy a clear view of your surroundings with our professional Window Cleaning services. Clean Streak is the area's premier service provider, offering both traditional "squeegee method" and modern "pure water method" Window Cleaning services for single story ranch homes, all the way up to 3-story waterfront mansions. We can even clean the windows in your apartment, condo or townhouse.


• Interior, Exterior or Both

• Frames, Screens, Sills & Tracks

• 7 Day Rain Guarantee

Installing solar panels at your home can dramatically reduce, and even eliminate your electric bill. Unfortunately, solar panels are not maintenance free. As contaminants such as bird droppings and pollen collect on your solar panels, the amount of electricity generated by your solar panels will begin to decline. Cleaning can help to restore maximum efficiency, however it's not a task most homeowners should tackle on their own.

Solar Panel Cleaning often requires the use of extension ladders, walking on a wet roof, and special care must be taken to avoid damaging the panels. We clean solar panels with deionized water, delivered through a waterfed pole and a nylon bristle brush. This is the same method solar power plants use to maintain their own panels. Although you may have heard that you can simply "hose them off," that is simply untrue. Minerals found in hard water can leave behind water spotting and calcium buildup, similar to what happens when you wash your car and allow it to air dry in the sun. Additionally, many contaminants require agitation to be removed thoroughly. Our process provides a cost effective solution to both issues, while also allowing you to avoid the dangers associated with cleaning your solar panels.

Unless standing on a ladder in the hot Florida sun, while digging wet leaves and twigs from your gutters sounds like fun to you, we're here to help. Let us save your hands from cuts and scrapes you'll get from sharp edges and sheet metal screws. We even make sure your downspouts aren't plugged and bag all the debris for you too. So go spend your time doing something you actually enjoy and leave the dirty work to us!

We are your exterior cleaning Specialist!

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